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Shanie Salmon-Godfrey

Shanie Salmon is a proven visionary, strategic leader, Entrepreneur, Pastor and Deliverance Speaker. With a

Prophetess Deborah Allen

Finding one’s inner voice can be a liberating, awe-inspiring, and transformational experience. Fashioned to help the masses find their “fierce”; is the dynamic professional, Deborah Allen.

Deborah Allen is a 5x best-selling author, speaker, certified life coach, cleric, and CEO, and creative founder of The Fierce System; a multifaceted liaison specialty, centered around helping women to both, find and develop, their voice. Having been trained by world-renowned NSA motivational speaker, Mr. Les Brown, Deborah understands the importance of strategy, development, and credible mentorship; traits she seamlessly translates, to her growing clientele.

Deborah’s mantra is simple: Her one and only goal are to motivate clients; helping them to create the life, they were meant to live.

Refusing mediocrity on all fronts, Deborah has trailblazed a credible path for those she serves. She has served as Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Ministries of God Church, for the last 21 years; and is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization, L.A.M. Ministries, Inc.

Matching servant leadership with incredible respect for higher learning, Deborah holds licenses as an RMA/CDA & Certified Life Coach; and is a member of the National Speaker Association Speaker (NSA) and a Black Speakers Network (BSN) Speaker.  Her conglomerate The Fierce System is comprised of many platforms, including Fierce TV, Radio, and blog; as well as Fierce Voices of Destiny Program; where she mentors, develops and creates strategic alignment between clients, and their true life’s calling.

Deborah proudly attests that women are at the heartbeat of all she does and that it is her desire to see them be strong, fierce, and know, that they can truly achieve their dreams, and walk-in purpose. When she is not out helping women to come alive, rebuild, shift and find themselves again; Deborah is a valued asset to her communal body and a loving member of her family and friendship circles.

Deborah Allen. Energizer. Organizer. Servant Leader.

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